Aimee (redshoegirl) wrote in teach_electives,

Art Jobs/Networking tips

I'm a 2nd year art teacher, and I teach at an urban school for "at-risk" students. I'm only part time, however, so I'm looking (again) for a full-time job. I was looking last year, but I was also wedding planning, so my job hunt was less-than-fruitful (though my marriage was and is superb). I'm also the only art teacher in the school, the only part time art-teacher in the district, and the only High School level teacher who doesn't teach at the main high school. I can hardly ever make it to faculty or department meetings because I have to have a second job. I feel completely isolated.

It's frustrating looking for art teaching positions, because there are not a lot of them, and I have no idea how many other qualified teachers I'm up against. The problem is that I know modern job hunting has less to do with your qualifications than it does with who you know. There are just so many qualified candidates for any given job. So it comes down to networking. I've been to a job fair, have another one coming up, and I've had one interview, but I don't feel like I know anyone. I'm planning to be at the local Art Ed Convention, but I don't want people to get the impression that I'm talking to them just to make "contacts." How do you make friends with people in other districts so they know who the hell you are?

I've put together my application packets with the mind of a graphic designer trying to sell a product. It's brightly colored, cheerful, and easy to read. I have the certs and a couple of years of experience, but I'm not so experienced that they need to pay me a fortune. I should be an ideal candidate. One Superintendent's secretary already went out of her way to tell me it is "very nice." So I'm pretty sure my info is getting as much attention as any pile of paper can. I just don't know how much good it will do me in the long run.

It makes me wish that I was a math, science, special ed or ell teacher. Or a principal. There seem to be plenty of those jobs.

Any and all networking tips would be greatly appreciated.

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