Hey Miss (whyintellectual) wrote in teach_electives,
Hey Miss

A Victory For Electives!

Florida State Legislation was just passed that will require all elementary aged students to take a fine art for at LEAST forty-five minutes a day five days a week! This means that elementary teachers that are given 25 minute classes or half day schedules will be able to become full time.

Most schools plan to make the changes far sooner than the legislation asks for (2010-2011 school year.)Also elective etachers will be hired by number of students not just school site. So, an elementary school with 1500 kids should have two teachers of most electives instead of just one music tacher and one art teacher.

The legislation for high school (to continue requiring a full credit to graduate) was removed though the full credit is required by No Child left Behind and federal law trumps state law so it was a useless change of words.

This was a full force piece of legislation. There was a task force created to handle problems and solutions in the fine arts and surveys were created to check for elective teachers. State legislators and school districts were quite schocked to find out that the money they allocated for fine arts was being used for reading etachers to try to pass the FCAT.

And out of that news came this legislation!
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