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10 Themes for 10 Months Of School (ART)

After what I would consider a colossal failure with last years brand new Scott Foresman curriculum for art k-5 and my first year teaching that particular age range; I have decided to use 10 main themes for the school year and use the curriculum material to fill the themes.

This all comes from an amazing April of Earth Day activities. I spent a ton of time planning the month but when it was all said and done my students had: read the Little Critters book, "It's Earth Day", made their own recycled paper, created lists and drawings of recycled, reduced, and reused items, and had learned about rainforest conservation (as well as how to draw a toucan with oil pastels.) All of the items above were a smashing success and I would like to emulate the theme idea.

I am trying to determine which themes (not holiday related) that I can use with all of my grades with differentiated materials for Age and Grade Level Expectations. The ideas I have right now are listed below. PLEASE HELP ME WITH AS MANY THEMES AS YOU CAN THINK OF! I would be grateful for any ideas.

Under the Sea
Earth Day
The Beach
The Circus
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